Friday, July 1, 2011

{Friday's Spotlight}::Bougie Magazine

{Friday's Spotlight}::Bougie Magazine

Today's {Friday Spotlight} features Bougie Magazine! Read below to learn more about what Angela Reed & her team have been up to in the fashion world.

Q: Who is Angela Reed? 

Q: How did Bougie Magazine come about? 
     A: The birth of Bougie...... a friend and fellow event planner told me that her hair stylist needed some promo material printed for a hair show so I went to meet her. Our convo went past promo material to putting together an online directory for the participants in her show. The ideas between my partner and I kept flowing till one day we joked, "this should be a magazine" let's give it a name that people would always remember! And on June 5th 2010 Bougie hit the web that month with over 300,000 page hits!

Q: What are some challenges that you've faced and overcame? 
     A: This question always makes me laugh because it makes me take a look in the mirror! (LOL) I have been my biggest challenge! Thinking that I was taking on a task too big for me and that no one would read a publication that wasn't already a household brand present tremendous doubt in my confidence to achieve. I overcame this by telling myself, "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me" and really listening/researching my target audience and putting out what they want/need to read about.

Q: Who is Bougie Magazine's customer? 
     A: The Bougie customer is ANY female that strives for EXCELLENCE! She lives each day to the fullest, she's the DOUBLE T trendy and tech savy! I think this describes the epitome of the bougie woman in today's society. Although our target market is the ladies, we also publish a special issue for the guys every June called "The Bougie Male".

Q: Any words of advice for the business professional that is just starting out? 
     A: My advice for the business professional just starting out is to JUST DO IT! You can read all the books, take all the courses to get you ready for the business, but if you don't actually apply it then it's all in vain. Another important factor is to learn to support others by learning the "barter" system. You don't have to charge for everything. Yes we're not in business to give things away but you have to learn how to give in order to receive. Lastly, but not least NETWORKING IS KEY! Bougie Magazine is growing and moving because we move out of our "four blocks" and connect with people in different area and zip codes.

*Upcoming Events* 
Bougie Events is having their Launch Party on September 29, 2011 which is being held at The Crystal Gardens Navy Pier and they want to see you there! 
Click here for more details or here: to find out more about how you can attend & also enter their Designer Competition!! 

Be sure to follow Bougie Magazine and Events by Excellence!  

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