Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ABC's for Marketing Part 2

Today we continue our ABC's to Good Marketing lesson! The last post talked about six ways you can market your business using alphabet letters A-G, today will tell you about five more using letters H-L! 

H. Host An Event: Consider holding an open house get together and invite event planners, venue managers, and significant vendors to it. Make yourself shine and really showcase what you can do! 

I. Identify Your Target Audience: Bridal shows are held often, so being able to identify your target audience will tell you which shows to sign up for as vendor. Look at local bridal shows to see which one would match your needs best. Some might not match your style or market. 

J. Join Organizations: Being apart of local and regional, and national industry organizations is an excellent way to market. This helps not only market to your clientele, but with other professionals, which is just as important!

K. Keep In Touch: Keeping in touch with past clients is a great way to market your new specials, discounts, referral programs, etc. Keeping in touch can be by saying "Happy Anniversary", "Happy Birthday", etc. This shows that you care and keeps you in the back of their minds! Keep in touch with your preferred vendors as well. 

L. Learn the Market: Knowing your market is important when having a business. Staying on top of trends, price changes, etc will allow you to completely educate your clientele when they are seeking your professional knowledge. 

The next two blog post's will complete the series of ABC's for Marketing! I want you to be able to receive some great marketing information, but I also have some great news about upcoming events and more that I would like to share, but do not want to interrupt our learning sessions! 

Up on Thursday will be ABC's for Marketing Part 3 and Saturday will be ABC's for Marketing Part 4 and next will be lots of great and exciting new updates! I hope you are enjoying and learning something too! :-D

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