Saturday, April 2, 2011

ABC's for Marketing Part 1

Successfully marketing to your target market is crucial for any business. Over the next few posts you will learn 26 ways to successfully market your business. I hope you enjoy and do take notes! :-)

A. Address is Everything: Getting a mailing address in a good part of town is very important. You want a place that is easily recognized by your market.

B. Buy a Local Number: Get a local telephone number! It's just better.

Create a Portfolio: Get together a portfolio of well printed images from your past work. Put them in a great presentation case, be ready to show these images to event planners etc.

D. Do Your Research: Research is a wedding professionals best friend. When entering a new market it is important to become familiar with the top wedding and reception venues in the area. Visit them, find out what their policies are, and be able to talk in an informed way about them to your clients. Know the names of the important people at each location you visit. 

E. Everyone is Not Open: When new you want make appointments with anyone that will meet with you to show them your work. Not everyone will be open to this so take advantage the opportunities that present themselves. This is the time to "introduce yourself", not to solicit their endorsement nor to become a favored vendor.

F. First Impressions are Important: Your website, business cards, brochures sets are some of the first things that clients and other wedding and event professionals see before they meet you. Design great looking information packets, have them custom printed and ready for mailing or handing out. Design your packages and marketing materials to show VALUE.... not just art. **Many people do not know what art is worth.**

Next post will cover letters "G-L", it will be presented on Tuesday!

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