Thursday, April 14, 2011

:::Stepping Out In Style!:::

As you know this blog consists of many different topics that range from informational, educational, personal and so on. Recently I started a blog post series about the ABC's to Good marketing and I do plan to continue those series, but at a later date. I needed a change of pace, a pick me up in excitement of posting. So today's blog post is all about Sexiness!

A very fabulous event is approaching for Wedding Planners and it is called The I Do Brunch 2011, which is held annually by Ms. Linnyette Richardson-Hall and TeamDiva! This luxurious event is held in Savage, Maryland and is filled with excitement, learning, relaxation, socializing, and just a good ole time! This year's theme will be focusing on the accessories: Shoes & Bags!!! Below you will find some great shoes that hopefully will inspire you at add to your already fabulous collection. 

Fabulous Shoes!!

The shoes above are listed without prices soley because the names speak for themselves, but don't worry I have you covered! Check out these awesome sites to find some georgeous shoes at some unbelievable prices! 

Happy Shopping!! Hope to see you at the I Do Brunch 2011!!

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