Monday, January 2, 2012

30 Day #Engagement Challenge!!!

Congratulations!!! He proposed and you screamed, cried, whispered, shouted, nodded.....YES!!! Engagements are such a joyous time! A time that should be cherished before diving into planning one of the greatest celebrations you will experience. Today's post is all about enjoying the moment or in this case the month! 

 Take the "30 Day Engagement Challenge!!!"

Take 30 days and enjoy being engaged. Planning a wedding is wonderful and memorable and prayerfully will only happen once since this is your one true love! However..there is dust behind all the glitter and sparkle of planning one of THEE best weddings that your family and friends will encounter!

Being Engaged means that you both are ready to take the next step in life. So for the next 30 days follow these simple steps that will allow you to slowly ease your way into planning an awesome, awesome planning experience.

Day 1 - Day 7
Tell the world! The first week is all about the excitement. The initial "Ahhhhh...I am engaged" by the female and the "Yea man I did" by the male". It is the big announcement that is made to any and all forms of social media, texts, phone calls, in-person visits and any other way you can think of announcing that your now one of the luckiest ladies in the world. This behavior is mainly (90%) done by solely female. The male version tends to happen in a huddle with the guys in the man cave over beer..some hot beats..silence..stares and joking about this is the only woman he will sleep with forever. LOL! Well that is how it is portrayed on movies anyway... So enjoy telling the world, but DO NOT PLAN A THING! Do not set a date! Do not call a vendor/cousin/sister/mother..etc and ask for anything!


Day 8 - Day 14
Let the fun begin! Clearly you both know each other becasue you have reached this level and are now engaged. Take the second week to enjoy each others company. Go out on an unusual date..some place you have never been. Do a challenge date..something that will make you have to rely on the other's help. 

Suggested Activities: Try A New Restaurant, Rock Climbing, Paintball..etc. Save the mushy dates for the end of the 30 days. Explore these activities just in case you will need to do them during the planning process when things start to get a little rough. That paintball practice will come in handy 8 months into wedding planning and your ready to eat your mate for dinner! It happens...but no matter what happens DO NOT PLAN A THING! Do not set a date! Do not call a vendor/cousin/sister/mother..etc and ask for anything! I'm serious just enjoy each other and your piece of mind!


Day 15 - Day 21
Get Romantic!! By this time the excitement is still there, but you have begun thinking about all the things you want for your big day! Take this time to be romantic. Go on a candlelit date whether on the town and at home. Great food, music and lighting will make any location romantic. You don't have to go far or spend a lot to enjoy! Check out one of my posts about how to have a 3 course romantic dinner for two for less than $30 bucks and it's in the comfort of your own home!!

Romantic Activities:
Leave little post-it notes for your mate to find!
Get dessert and read old poems and love letters that you wrote to each other!
Go dancing or Take a Cooking Class!
Do a half day brunch, lunch or dinner cruise and more!

Just enjoy and be romantic, but remember DO NOT PLAN A THING! Do not set a date! Do not call a vendor/cousin/sister/mother..etc and ask for anything! You don't need opinions right now.


Day 22 - Day 30
Prepare with Jokes..LOL! You are about to start planning a grand occasion. First things first..learn how to laugh! Let this last week be all about jokes, story telling and memories that you have together that make you laugh. Keep these in your memory bank for the planning road ahead. During this week tell each other a joke a day...go all out and send random text that you know will make the other person laugh. Humor is good for the soul and for planning a wedding! I know me and my love have tons of things that we laugh about...LOL I am laughing as I write this...he is so silly! Anyways..bring the kid out of you both. Smiling avoids wrinkles and laughing helps avoid the craziness of planning an awesome wedding!! This last week the same rules apply...DO NOT PLAN A THING! Do not set a date! Do not call a vendor/cousin/sister/mother..etc and ask for anything! I'm serious just enjoy each other and your piece of mind!



So now your 30 days are up and you are curious what to do...well you begin to prepare for planning a memorable journey together! As the new week starts I want you to begin to enter into planning mode. Think about your! Take the next two weeks to have a serious talk with each other about what you want and how much dinero, bread, cash flow, ever you want to phrase have to spend to get what you want! This discussion should happen before calling on a Wedding Planner.

Once you both are on the same page, do the next best thing you can do for you as a couple, your family members, friends, and most importantly your Wedding Day....HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER!!!

Wedding Planners are no longer a luxury, but a very much needed necessity. We are your eyes, ears, feet, brain..and more to help you enjoy the process. So interview a few Wedding Planners until you find one that fits your needs and personalty. 

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Do know that you are more than welcome to take much longer than 30 days. When the time comes no matter how long you have been engaged..still take time before planning! 

Hopefully you enjoyed the read and again Congratulations to all the lucky ladies & gents out there taking the next step! :-D



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