Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Fun w/Family!

Our Tree!

Christmas this year was great and rather different from other years. Graduating from college, having to grow up and pay bills, and truly learning to rely on God gave me a new view of Christmas and life all together. I've always knew that Jesus was the reason for the season, but this year I just had a greater appreciation for spending quality time with family. I brought gifts for my family because I was blessed financially to be able to do so and it made me happy to see them happy. I truly enjoyed Christmas this year. 

One thing that was extremely different was decorating. My family loves to decorate the house. We put Christmas cards everywhere, hang our stockings, decorate the tree right after Thanksgiving and are glued to the abcfamily 25 days of Christmas cartoon shows. This year life happened differently. We didn't get our tree until roughly 6 days before Christmas and didn't decorate it until Christmas Eve. And actually my mother decorated the tree all by herself while I watched from the couch and my little sister watched from her dreams...she was sleeping...LOL!! That was all the decorating we did. Not quite sure how things went so differently, but I must say my mother did an awesome job and everyone was happy!! 

Brunch in the living room! (L to R: Me, Mom, Little Sister)

Christmas Day started off early yet late for us. My mother was the first awake and me and my little sister was still in bed and it was hitting 8am so for us that was late. The day started early due to church starting 2 hours early, but it was well worth it. Church service was A-Ma-Zing!! Once we got home we enjoyed a homemade brunch made by me(the homefries & scrabbled cheese eggs) my mom(the pancakes) and little sister(the orange juice & plates). Brunch didn't take long to make and was sooo yummy!!! We pulled our little table in the living room and ate while watching Four Christmases and then opened our gifts! 

We then visited more family and ate more food and laughed even more and just truly enjoyed each others company! I love my family because there is truly never a dull moment. Someone is either going to say something backwards, get to serious, spill something...we all talk too, but it is great!!! I love my family and wouldn't trade noone!

Christmas this year was a year to remember and I hope you enjoyed your Christmas holiday as well! Feel free to share your Christmas holiday as well!


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