Wednesday, November 2, 2011

12 Day Giveaway - Day 1

Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC 12 Day Facebook Giveaway starts today!! In order to win you MUST be a Facebook Fan of Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC. If you are not make sure you become one if you want to win any of the prizes. View the following slides below to learn about the 12 Day Giveaway Rules and to answer the first question (This one is super easy too)! 

Okay so now that you know the rules, let the fun begin!!!

Question one is listed truly is easy and requires you to post your answer on either facebook or in the comments section on the blog. Check out the slide below.

Question two will be posted later today since we missed the Nov 1st post. 
Tune in later to win that prize too!! All giveaway posts will be done in this format We received our LLC in May of 2009. Good luck to all and remember to have fun! :-D


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