Thursday, June 23, 2011

{Thursday's Food Tidbit}::Cocktail Hour

{Thursday's Food Tidbit}::Cocktail Hour

I love weddings whether I am a guest or the planner. Being a guests does have it's perks because I get to attend and enjoy the cocktail hour and that means enjoying the food! Last week we talked about the great wedding drink "Shirley Temple's" and this week I would like to focus on the cocktail hour as a whole. When doing the meeting for the cocktail hour think about your guests and also the type of reception you will be having.

The purpose of the cocktail hour is to provide your guests with a pre-dinner teaser. This teaser should be light and have a few options that are appeasing to everyone in attendance. Advice: don't fill your guests up during cocktail hour. Allow your guests to have enough food where they can still eat the food at the reception.  Remember you are paying for this and you do not want wasted food at the end of the night. 

Cocktail hours are a great transition from the ceremony to the reception. Enjoy planning your special day and think about your guests belly's as your selecting your menu options and quantity.

Are you having a cocktail hour? If so what kind of foods? If not, what made you not decide to do one? Do share!! :-)

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