Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love Bite #16: How to Stay in Love!

 Successful marriages are hard to create so below are a few tips on how to stay "In Love", which is important when wanting to have a successful marriage! 

Love Bite #16: How to Stay In Love!

To remain in love for a lifetime and have a successful marriage...couples should do the following:

Listen actively to your partner
Ask questions
Give honest answers
Appreciate each other
Stay attractive for one another
Grow intellectually
Include your partner in your interests
Give your partner privacy
Be honest and trustworthy
Tell your partner what you need
Accept your partner's shortcomings
Give respect
Never threaten to leave
Say “no” to adultery
Don’t assume the relationship will last forever
Cultivate variety

By doing these things, you will be sure to have a healthy relationship and be a lot more happier together!
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