Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Okay To Be Picky!

This post is for the Engaged Couples who are in the searching process for vendors!

Congratulations! You are now engaged, hopefully you have had time to celebrate your engagement by having a party with family & friends. If not, do so..enjoy the bubbly moments.

You've set the date! September 23, 2011 and now you have begun calling every Wedding Planner, Photographer, Venue, Caterer, Dj, & other vendors in your desired location. You have went online and left quotes on almost every website so you can be able to compare prices and see what would be best for your wedding day!

I applaud you for doing your research and not going with the first vendor that has smiled big at you and said here is a discount~ I see you are looking for quality and professionalism for your special day!

A great tip that I would like to leave with you is:

"It's okay to be picky, but call back!"

Being sure you have the best of the best is important, however every business you contact is a business and once you inquire about their services, unless you call back and say never mind..they may call you again to check in once or twice! We like to call it Customer Service! We appreciate your interest and do understand that we will not book every prospective client who we come in contact with! So with that being said, an innocent 5 minute courtesy call or email will do the job letting us know if you have decided to go in another direction!

Happy Planning!


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