Thursday, July 22, 2010

WUW has Meaning!

is making a strong difference in many lives by being the 
World's 1st Non-profit wedding wish granting organization!!

Read about why Wish Upon a Wedding is important! 

Article Written by: Laura T. Coffey, featured on the Today Show!

Time: Shelly Sundstrom knew she didn’t have much of it. Days, hours, minutes were slipping away — but Sundstrom knew what she wanted to do. 

She wanted to marry Jay Ellison. And he wanted to marry her.
But when? And, more problematically, how? Neither of them had the stamina to plan a wedding. Shelly, 48, had advanced lymphoma, and her doctors had given her mere weeks to live. Jay, also 48, had serious health issues of his own; he had been battling multiple sclerosis for years.

A friend of the Seattle couple placed a call to Wish Upon a Wedding, a new charity that grants weddings and vow renewals to people diagnosed as having fewer than five years to live. Volunteers with the charity blasted into action — and three weeks later, 
Shelly was walking down the aisle and exchanging wedding vows with Jay. Read More!

Wish Upon A Wedding has been creating non-profit organizations nation wide!

Now our very own state of NJ has one too!!

Are you a vendor that provides a great service or product, then Wish Upon A Wedding NJ is for you! Click here to learn more and to sign up to become a Wish Granter!!

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