Thursday, July 22, 2010

Storymix Media


Hello bloggers, I had an awesome conversation with Ariane Fisher, who is the Creative Director at Storymix Media!

Storymix Media is a company that turns your family photo's and homemade video's into memories that you can share and treasure forever. It's perfect for a Wedding, if your budget does not allow for a videographer, assign a family friend to do the taping and Storymix Media to create the memory you want to cherish for a lifetime! 

It's event great for Graduation's, Baby Showers, Family Reunions, Birthday Parties, and more! I visited the site and after speaking with Ariane I love the product!! 

Here's one of the videos they did for a Wedding! 

Wedding video filmed on Flip camera from Ariane on Vimeo.

Storymix Media makes creating the memory an easy process for you! You just have to mail in your pictures and/or video, pick your package and they create a memory that you will be able to share with all of your family & friends! 

Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC recommends this product! Storymix Media wants to get your feedback too! They are offering all of my customers & followers....

***A Big Discount***

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40% Off Coupon is valid until September 15th, 2010!!

 Visit Storymix Media and start creating your family memories!!

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