Tuesday, March 30, 2010

D.I.Y Guestbook!

My clients love to save money! Who doesn't!! So one way to cut cost when doing a Baby Shower or any event that requires a Guestbook is to Do. It. Yourself a.k.a D.I.Y!!

These are the D.I.Y steps I took to make my client's Baby Shower Guestbook!!

I used White Printer Paper, Michaels Craft Paper ($0.29 each), a whole puncher ($3.29), ribbon ($2.50), Scissors, Tape, and a Stickers ($4.00)- Which roughly equals $10.00!!!

The Whole Punching part took the longest, but after an hour (lol) I was all set! And everything else was fun!!

With a lot of patience and a goal in mind my Client's had a very nice Guestbook!! 

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