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UrDreamPlanner's Wednesday Knowledge: {Dear Wedding Guests...}

 Today's UrDreamPlanner's Wednesday Knowledge is dedicated to the wedding guests. I hope you receive this letter well as it is written with your best interest in mind! :-)

 UrDreamPlanner's Wednesday Knowledge: {Dear Wedding Guests...}

Dear Wedding Guests,

          You have been invited to celebrate a Wedding of a dear loved one. The couple that you are so happy for, is also happy that you attended. The Bride & Groom are so excited you attended the ceremony on time. For those that are slightly a few minutes late or more, the Bride & Groom do send their apologies in advance, due to the fact that you will have to view the beginning of the wedding through whatever type of doors/windows the ceremony site has, since their "on-point" Wedding Planner has made sure the wedding started on time, and no-one will be able to walk in prior to the Bridal Party entering, and especially not prior to the Brides entrance. Understand that professional pictures are being taking during this time (which is why the door closes behind the is not an insult to you, I promise!) and therefore you will have to wait approximately another 4-6 minutes until the guests have been asked to be seated. At this very moment, we will allow you the tip-toe in quietly.

          It is now time to head to the Reception! Only head that way if you actually RSVP'd. Do understand that approaching in a hostile situation (if you did not RSVP) is bound to leave you sitting outside the ballroom, outdoor tent area, etc., until the entire Bridal Party have been introduced and the Bride & Groom have been seated. We will do our best to accommodate you and find extra seating if any is available, without asking the Bride & Groom, as we have already constructed a well formatted seating chart for all the rsvp'd guest to follow! Not only did we construct a seating chart and have an escort card for each guest, (individually or by couple) on the table displayed nicely, we also have a master guest list in our hands. If you cannot find your name on the table, please see us and we will assist you. If your name is not on the master guest list, this means you did not RSVP and you should then reread this paragraph to know the following steps that will be occurring.

         Once you have been seated and the reception has begun, feel free to come to us with any bothering questions or concerns. We are there for you also, not just the Bride & Groom. Assuring you have a great time is what we do best as Wedding Planners! As the special moments take place, feel free to take all the pictures your heart desire, BUT..and this "but" is a HUGE one! As a guest, please understand that the Bride & Groom hired a set of wedding professionals. One of them being the Photographer. During the "cake cutting" specifically...back up 10 FEET!!! Seriously, allow the Photographer to take all the pictures needed (that the couple paid $$$$) and then you can get your snapshots. When we ask you politely to back up and you decide to roll your eyes and tell us you can be there, rather than saying okay, be prepared when we stand in front of you, like it's a raging concert and politely back you up anyway. As stated this is for the Bride & Groom's best interest, as we want their wedding pictures to be beautiful!

         As the night ends, please ask if you are allowed to take any item off the table besides your favor. Sneaking off with a centerpiece, napkin, table number/name etc., will cost the Bride & Groom that you love so dearly and came to support. 90% of the time the centerpiece "vases" are not the Bride & Grooms, they are rented. The linens will most definitely always be rented or provided by the venue and they do get counted at the end of the night, which is how we know items are missing. The "frames or cute stand" that the table numbers/names are placed in belong to the venue or Wedding Planner; either way they do not belong in your bag. Do not get upset when we remove these items from your hand, for those of you that are bold enough to just walk out the door with a 3 ft Eiffel Tower Vase, as if we can't see you. We are so happy that you love the decor items, and know the perfect spot in your home to place this specific item, however, this is a sure way for the Bride & Groom to receive a hefty bill for all missing items. Ask before you take!

          We are so happy you had such a grand time at the wedding you attended. Weddings are meant to be fun, exciting and an all around happy occasion. Let's work together, Wedding Planner to Guest, to assure you leave happy. Again, we are here for you also and only want to make sure you leave with the best memory of this special union. The Bride & Groom appreciates your gifts and love tokens, and know that they have made it safely to the appropriate car and the couple will read and open them shortly!

I wish you safe travels on your way home. 

The Wedding Planner

If you have any questions please call, 267-702-3037, as I'd be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

P.S.  It was great providing service to you and do not feel any kind of way if we see each other a few months later and I do not remember who you are. Most weddings have approximately 150 guests and since I've seen you at that particular wedding, I've probably done at least two others and so now the amount of guests I've seen have tripled. Simply remind me of the couple (this will bring an aha moment to my face with a smile) or a special moment we shared (this may bring a puzzling moment to my face..depending on the moment). I will tell you it's great to see you again and we will depart and I will eventually figure out which guests you were (later that night or the next day or possibly never). Just don't be offended, charge it to my head..not my heart! ;-)

Knowledge is Power!

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