Thursday, May 10, 2012

:: The "Maid Of Honor": A Bride's Peace Of Mind! ::

Who is the one person that makes you laugh no matter what is going on? Can you cry together, argue and make up in the same day, gossip, keep no secrets, etc? That one person that knows your personality and what you are thinking just by your body language and the expression on your face? Who is the one person that would have your back no matter what? Who comes to mind when you are bugging (tripping, acting a straight fool, being overly emotional) that is not afraid to set you straight and bring you back down the earth? Do you have a clear visual of this individual? Hold this person in your mind and don't let him or her go! 

Congratulations!! You are engaged and are ready to begin planning your wedding. You know your Wedding Budget, Set your Wedding Date and you are ready to begin selecting those in your Bridal Party!!! This process is one that requires deep thought. Now is the time to reflect back to that one individual because you are picking your Maid Of Honor!! 

Maid of Honor: An individual selected to stand slightly to the left of the Bride on Wedding Day and support her thoroughly throughout the entire Wedding Planning Process. Maid Of Honor Duties involve dealing with multiple personalities (from the bride & other bridal party members), being a shoulder to lean on, giving advice, paying on time, throwing the bridal shower and planning an amazingly fun & unforgettable bachelorette party, becoming an amazing DIY guru (for my DIY Bride's) and so, so, so much more!!!

This title, is not just 3 words placed next to each other...but it is a huge responsibility that is often taken lightly. Bride's be sure that when selecting your M.O.H, select that one person that will meet the requirements. Don't pick just anyone, because often times when not choosing wisely a lot of feelings are crushed and it is not pretty. Potential Maid Of Honor's if you are asked and feel that you are not able to fulfill the necessary requirements be honest and let the Bride know. 

Brides, I wish you much success in choosing the right Maid Of Honor. Take your time, select a person that fits the mold and select who you love and trust with your life. Don't get caught up in a "I have to pick you" situation because if that person doesn't know you well, you just may clash and end up feeling all alone during this process. 

*Last Tip: A Maid Of Honor does not replace your Wedding Planner, you should have both!*

Talk To Me:
Was it easy selecting your Maid Of Honor? Are you/Were you happy or do you/did you have any regrets? Share some good or not so good Wedding-Maid of Honor stories below!! I'd love to hear about your experiences!! Leave any other advice that other Brides & Maid of Honor's can benefit from when selecting a Maid Of Honor and fulfilling the duties of a Maid Of Honor below in the comment section. :-)

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  1. I can say I am not happy with my maid of honor choice. Since the wedding, she has moved, and to be honest, I can only keep up a one-sided relationship for so long before it is exhausting and disappointing. The crazy thing is that I never in a million years thought that we would drift as we have. I know people are busy, but it isn't too much to ask for your maid of honor to drop a line in the email, Facebook, or mail every once in a while! :)

    1. Shannon, I am sorry to hear that. It is unfortunate when the relationship between Bride & MOH breaks apart during and/or after the Wedding. Hopefully in the near future the two of you can meet up and reconnect! Much success in your marriage!! Thank you for your honest feedback. :-D

  2. My MOH is still my best friend but we're separated by miles and marriages now. We're still close though. Either can pick up the phone anytime . . .

    oxoxoxo from San Francisco

    1. Hi Amy, that's so great to hear!! I love to hear MOH success stories!! Love your blog too!! :-D

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Stacey! Yes, I had to share that one!! ;-)


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