Monday, March 19, 2012

UrDreamPlanner's Monday Inspiration!

It's Monday! Be Inspired.

Inspiration comes from all round..I can literally walk outside and see something that inspires me. So over the weekend I had a photo shoot which I will talk more about this Saturday, but I went into Mac to get a foundation sample and the young lady did a basic makeup application and I fell completely in love, head over heels with myself and makeup..LOL!! 

I felt so beautiful with my makeup on that it kinda of scared me. I eventually had to take my makeup off and I was happy to feel that without that makeup which made me feel SO beautiful, I still felt just as beautiful in my natural skin and that is BEAUTIFUL! 

So read this to yourself and smile! :-D

Are you smiling? GOOD!! If not, say it louder..shout it if you have to!!! As you go through the day, the week and life...know that you are beautiful inside & out!! 

Wishing you all a Happy Monday!! :-D

Talk To Me:
What makes you feel beautiful? Your hair, jewelry, inner beauty?? What is it? Do you know that you are beautiful inside & out?? If you didn't you do! ;-D 
Share your story below in the comments section!! Be inspired..looking forward to chatting with you!  

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  1. Love, love, love! Thanks for sharing! I feel
    beautiful each morning that I wake up. Just knowing how much I have accomplished and the new and beautiful plans still ahead of me is a beautiful feeling in itself!

    1. You're Welcome! As talented as you are I know those plans are awesome!!! You are beautiful!!! :-D


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