Wednesday, March 7, 2012

2 Rules You Must Apply When Contacting #Wedding Vendors!!

Happy #WeddingWednesday!! Today's post is short & sweet, hope you enjoy!!

When searching for Wedding Vendors here are two rules you should always apply:
  1. Honesty: Be honest about your wedding budget! (Wedding Vendors are not here to just simply raise the prices because you have decided to say "I Do'!! There is more work that goes into planning the wedding that happens pre and post wedding day that is the reasoning behind the price difference from a party or special event. Honesty is key!)
  2.  Communication: Communicate if you wish to "not" use their services! (Calling a vendor and asking important questions is key to finding the perfect vendor; it's a crucial must. It is also very important that you call or email each vendor back to let them know that you have found a perfect match and that it is not them. If calling seems hard, a simple 3 liner email will do it justice. Leave a smiley face at the end and keep it nice. I guarantee wedding vendors will appreciate it!)
**Memo to Vendors**: When potential clients call or email you back that you didn't make the cut, be sure to replay back in a positive way! Couples have a ton of choices to choose from and all that should matter at the end of the day is that, that potential client will have a wedding vendor there to provide them a service! So be polite and wish them a successful Wedding Day.

Talk To Me:
Do you find it hard to tell wedding vendor your wedding budget? Why or Why Not? Do you find it hard to tell wedding vendors that you do not want to use their services? Why or Why Not? Are you married or planning your wedding? If so, how did you tell the other vendors that you do not need their services? Share your story and comments below in the comment section! Would love to chat with you! :-D

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