Saturday, February 25, 2012

Weekly Recap: Radio Show, Guest Blogger & more!

Hello my fellow bloggers and beyond!! This week has been a great one, so much as happened I figured we needed to recap all the fun! Let's start with Monday!!

Monday was filled with lots of love, history & heart as ::Week 3:: Love, History & Heart was posted! Have you checked it out?? If not, click the is very inspirational! :-)

Monday was also Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC 2nd blog talk radio appearance. This time we were on Food Network's Extreme Chef Winner: Chef Amadeus blog talk radio show called Southern Passion Lounge!! The Southern Passion Lounge is a smooth vibe kind of show where you can literally just talk for hours. I was on there this past Monday talking about Wedding & Event Planning and I had a blast!!! 

 Click here to listen to the show: (It is 2 hours long so listen when you have time!!)

Check out the show and be sure to follow the Southern Passion Lounge Radio show so you can always stay updated on the happenings with Chef Amadeus. Also check out his website: & follow him on twitter @ChefAmadeus & like him on FB: Sessions with Chef Amadeus!


This past Wednesday..known as Wedding Wednesday for many was filled with knowledge & laughs!!

Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC was a guest blogger on Lil Ms Sophia's Blog! We discussed "Wedding Favors from a Planners Prospective..." it was fun writing on the topic of wedding favors so if you haven't read it..check it out and leave a comment on the Lil Ms Sophia Blog!!! :-D Follow Lil Ms Sophia on Twitter @LilMsSophia & like her on FB: Lil Ms Sophia to stay in the loop of what's happening!

Wedding Wednesday is also the day we post something wonderful for you to enjoy on our own UrDreamPlanner Blog! This Wednesday is was all about the reception and the fun of wedding dances!! Check out the wedding videos and enjoy!!

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So this has been a fun week for us! I hope you have been tuning in and enjoying right along with me and the team at Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC! Be sure to show some love to our friends above by liking them on FB & following them on Twitter!!

Thanks for stopping in, have a great Saturday!! :-D 

Talk To Me!
How was your week? Anything exciting going on that you would like to share? Leave a comment and tell us all about it!! Hope to hear from you. :-D

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