Sunday, August 28, 2011

My First Hurricane Wedding!

If you live on the East Coast or watch the news then you know this weekend the East Coast experienced a Category 1 hurricane; "Hurricane Irene" was her name! She was a pretty nasty young lady breaking down trees, causing tornadoes, flooding entire communities and made it life threatening for many. 

However in the midst of all the chaos that this hurricane brought, LOVE also flooded the guests that attended the wedding of Mr & Mrs. Sandy & Terrance Tripplet on Saturday August 27th at the beautiful Brigalias! Having never experienced a hurricane I agreed to assist Isis of POSH Events, LLC the Wedding Planner for this beautiful couple along with Malakeia another Assistant Consultant that also works for POSH Events, LLC. 

We started the detailed set-up earlier in the day. The wedding took place towards the later afternoon/evening hours and it wasn't until around 8:45 that Hurricane Irene decided to pay us a visit. Due to the weather the reception did have to end a little early. None the less, the guests invited by Mr & Mrs Tripplet experienced a beautiful ceremony and gorgeous reception which included heart-felt toast, romantic decor & atmosphere, amazing food and a lot of shared laughs and thank-you's!

Once concluded, we left everything as is blowing out only the candles to assure the safety of the building and all the staff & guests safely drove home. Being that I never experienced a Hurricane Irene, it was quite scary going home. However, as I got in the car I said "alright God it's me and you, get me home safely" and I drove close to the wheel with my blinkers on, my phone off and God on my side! The winds were strong and the rain was coming down hard, but miraculously I made it home in 20 minutes; with only wet clothes to remind me of my travels since I had to park away from my home due to the flooding blocking me from driving through! 

I love doing weddings and when LOVE is real, strong, and pure nothing can stand in the way of it being shared with others, not even mean ol' Hurricane Irene!! :-)

Check out some pictures taken by Malakeia:
All decor provided by Isis of POSH Events, LLC

My first hurricane wedding was an experience I would never forget and absolutely worth it to see the couple so happy and filled with love! 

Did you also experience a Hurricane Wedding, if so please share!! :-)

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