Saturday, July 23, 2011

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This morning I had the please of waking up early to catch Cocktails and Conversation #BlogTalkRadio episode which featured Natalie Clamp of Chic Sweets!

Cocktails and Conversation is a awesome diva duo that I discovered on twitter and am happy that I have been able to catch their Blog Talk Radio show! The Event Diva (Erika Beckwith) & The Detroit Style Diva (Robin Hunt) are two ladies that know how to wake you up 8AM in the morning! Cocktails and Conversation airs every Saturday morning at 8AM. You can listen in via the Blog Talk Radio Show or via phone, the number is given out on their FB page!  When listening in and following on twitter use @cocktailsnconvo and hashtag: #BlogTalkRadio Be sure to follow them as the are very busy and you don't want to miss what they are pouring out! 

Don't be shy, get to know the divas of Cocktails and Conversations! 
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Chic Sweets is a gourmet candy buffet company located in Tampa, Florida. Natalie Clamp, owner and creative mind behind Chic Sweets is a Chic Sweets Dessert Stylist, mommy of three kids, a wife and a blogger. She was very inspiraing on this morning's blog talk radio show and gave some very valuable tips! One tip that stuck with me is that:

Valuable Tip::
"Every candy buffet should have a backdrop!" 

Natalie shared some valuable information and her website and blog which showcases her amazing talent speaks for itself. If your in the Florida area and need assistance giving your wedding or event an added highlight that your guests will love, contact Natalie of Chic Sweets!  

Get to know Natalie of Chic Sweets!
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Catch Cocktails and Conversation on Blog Talk Radio next Saturday at 8AM!

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