Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{Tuesday's Insight}:: 5 Characteristics That Make A Great Intern!

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{Tuesday's Insight}:: 5 Characteristics That Make A Great Intern!

  • Honesty- When looking for an internship you want to find one that will allow to you gain a lot. Business owners who are successful like a good intern because they know that these younger inspired minds will one day take over the industry. As a prospective Intern being honest will get you far. If you know you are entering an internship (paid or non-paid) and you know that you one day want to start your own business share that information during the interview. Otherwise it will look like your trying to steal business. Honesty will get you far. 
  • Commitment- A great intern will be committed to the company that he/she is apart of. Showing that you are committed means: arriving early, being knowledgeable outside of trainings, going the extra mile; just to name a few. Commitment means not calling out and signing up for all opportunities that may arise. Don't be a suck up, just be yourself and everything else will fall into place. A committed intern has a chance of moving up the industry ladder. 
  • Passion- I love this characteristic because although some may say passion is not key, when your interning it is a great characteristic to have. A passionate intern goes above and beyond to impress those that make a difference. I tend to blog a lot about not worrying about others, but this is a good time to dress to impress and show what your truly made of! 
  • Tough Skin- In this industry (the wedding/event industry) you have to be able to hold your own. This is a cut throat industry full a people that want to help you but do not want to spoon feed or baby you. The information to succeed is right at your fingers tips. Be the intern that finds it on your own and then applies it when a situation arises. Those that can handle the hustle and bustle of the wedding day frenzy and behind the scenes madness with a smile will go far! If you really can't handle it, (maybe your having a bad day, time of the month, bf/gf rubbed you the wrong way before you left the house, etc); take those aspects and use it as drive to succeed. If you must, go in the bathroom cry for 1 minute(that's all you get), wipe you face, put a smile on your face and get back out there. Only those that truly want this career actually succeed. No one is going to hand you your dream job, you have to show you want it, show that you can do it, and simply make it happen!
  • Gratitude- Being an intern is an opportunity that not every one gets. When getting an internship be grateful for what ever experience you get. Whether you get to assist with actual weddings & events, learn how to do meaningful research, sit in on an initial consultation, etc. This time is valuable and priceless; something no book or class can teach you. Internships do not guarantee a hired position. If you actually get one, considered yourself lucky and your foot in the door. If you do not take what you learned and begin to network. Look into shadowing other wedding planners, event planners, anything related to the industry. Hands-on experience is something that can not be taught so be thankful to those that give you an opportunity. Make sure you get the most out of it! :-)
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