Monday, June 27, 2011

{Monday's Starter}::Question-"What gets your morning going?"

{Monday's Starter}::Question-"What gets your morning going?"

It's Monday morning and you have to be out the door and at work by 9am! Depending where you work and your lifestyle at home that could mean you woke up at 5:00am or 7:30am. You're either the type of person that has a set routine that you follow diligently every day that allows you to enjoy breakfast, get dressed, do your hair, and walk out the door ready for your day or you may wake up after snoozing the alarm clock 3 times with only 30 minutes to get dressed and scuffle down a half toasted bagel as you fly down 42 to get to work. Either way you have got into a set routine that may or may not work for your life. 

So what is it that gives you the boost of energy to get out the door??

Is it the amazing cup of coffee that you can't live without, 2 scrabbled eggs/with a side of toast and jelly? Maybe breakfast isn't your thing and just the feel of the shower water is what gets you moving!

What ever it may be, it is something that you do often that gives you that boost of energy for the day. What is that "something" that gets you going? Do share!! :-)

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