Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Love Bite #2: Proposals

So today I want to share a few proposal stats and a proposal story that I thought was oh so original!! 

Love Bite #2: Proposals!

I had to use this pic..I actually have one from Taco Bell! lol
  • 60% of men ask their future father-in-law permission for his daughter’s hand in marriage before popping the big question. (I like the tradition factor of this fact, I'm 20%

  • 33% of dating couples said they thought it would be OK to have their proposal broadcasted to the world.

  • 49% of men prefer to plan and execute the proposals themselves.

  • 38% of men would consult their friends and family for advice on the perfect proposal.

  • 83% of men & women agree that dropping to one knee is the best approach when popping the actual question. 

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I love originality, so check out this cute, unique & original proposal!!

Jon & Rachel- Committment Theory Audio Book 
Jon Proposed on 1/28/11

My fiance and I love listening to audio books before bedtime, so my proposal idea was to make up a book about commitment, record 3-4 minutes of it, and insert my proposal into it. And then at the end ask her to marry me. I came up with a book title: "Commitment Theory - What To Do Before You Say I Do". I wrote an intro, summary and a first "case study" of a guy (who was my voice) explaining how he went through each of the 5 steps of commitment to find happiness. Read More
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