Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love Bite #14: Valentine's Day Recap!! :-)

Hello! Today I want to share with you all what my love and I did for Valentine's Day! During the Valentine's Love Bite's I shared a 3 Course Dinner Recipe and well, I put it into action for my love!

Love Bite #14: Valentine's Day Recap!! :-)

Being that I am a college student and love my bf very much I wanted to show him by cooking a beautiful dinner! I started by shopping for the food. Now I gave you all a price list of $30.00 for the dinner, but I actually paid $22.00!! <$8.00 savings>

My greatest saving was the two Filet Steaks 1 1/2 inches thick for $3.21 from Shoprite!! I marinated the steak in Red Wine for 4 hours, along with a garlic & basil mix, adobo, and then right before I cooked it I patted it down with the salt & pepper like the recipe instructed. ((It only took 10 minutes to cook!)) And Oh My it came out AMAZiNG!!!! My love, LOVED IT!! :-)

The finished product: Filet Mignon w/ Creamy mashed potatoes & sauteed mixed Vegetables. Cooking this meal also opened my eyes to how good "Dill" is in veggies!! Absolutely yummy! :-) We also enjoyed a Ceaser salad with extra cucumbers!!

So during the week I also blogged about 'creating the mood'! So to create the mood, with the tools I had this is what I came up with! A romantic table setting for two, college-dorm style.

He absolutely loved my little set up!! And I was so We enjoyed a tasty meal, great conversation and a very good episode of Law & Order:SVU!!  :-D

Valentine's Day couldn't have been sweeter! So how did you spend your Valentine's Day??

With LOVE,

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