Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wedding Planner Love!

Morning bloggers! Today I woke up to a very sweet gesture by an amazing Wedding Planner by the name of Stephanie A'neitra Watson! Stephanie is the owner of DZS Savvy Event Planning & Design Co., Divaz Style, and many more companies based in Michigan, but servicing worldwide! She is truly amazing and I am so happy that we were able to connect and it has only be inspirational ever since!

This is what I woke up to!

She said, "Congratulations proud of you doll here is something I did for you to use on your blog etc. Enjoy- you can save the picture and use it as you wish-"

It touched my heart to know that Wedding Planner Love is Real! I love to network, share thoughts and Ideas, and learn from other amazing Wedding Planners in this fiesty industry! I am the type of planner that takes advice well and then applies it in my own way.
Just call me Original!

I shared this because some planners are a little harsh and want to keep all their secrets to their im not saying give all your eggs away, but having an Easter Egg Hunt once or twice a year helps you develop you as a planner(we can all learn from each other, even if we have been planning for 30 years) and helps others(like myself) who are truly passionate about this industry to really grow into an Amazing Wedding Planner!

So let's boil some eggs and have an Easter Egg Hunt and make them colorful too! = )
(hope you understood my analogy)

Brittany Allen, CEO

Beautiful Beyond Dreams, LLC
Creating Your Dream Event!


  1. Just read the blog how cute- yes, I will look out fo those that want to learn. Many people call me and I pick an choose who I help because all people are not alway calling for the right reasons, but you my sweets remind me of myself when I began in the industry in 1996. I began planning at 17 years old at college as a Freshman so now 22 years later I am still at it- Passion |Tenacity | Drive- You have what it takes and may God bless your business-

    In Event Stylist/ Wedding Planner love,

    Stephanie A'Neitra...


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